• Version: Open Source 1
  • Size: ~8 MB
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Download:


This game is one of my first games released under the DragonApps name and it was never finished. It is still somewhat fun to play though, so I'm keeping it up here.

ScapeSkate is a semi-2D skateboarding scroller. Ride your skateboard, jump to collect coins, grind along walls and do flips and tricks on pipes!


Simply run scapeskate.exe


Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate through the options and enter to select an option.

Newbie Mode

One of the options is newbie mode. In this mode you cannot die, and the game will not end if you get a negative score of less than -5000. Try this mode if you're figuring out how to do tricks or if it's your first time playing.


During gameplay, use left and right arrows to skate in that direction. Switching directions too quickly will make you fall. Use space to jump up. You need to do this to collect coins, which make a humming sound. Simply ride towards the sound and jump to collect it.

To jump onto a wall, ride until you hear a 'whoop' sound increasing in pitch. Ride towards it, jump up and hold up. You will hear yourself catching on. Press right and up at the same time to slide along the wall.

You can only go rightwards along a wall. Going leftwards will make you fall down the wall. This will greatly reduce your score.

To slide along a pipe, simply jump onto it and hold right. You will automatically collect coins since you're in the air.


To perform tricks, which are really basic, you need to jump onto a pipe. Ride along the pipe and press space to jump off.

The game will enter a slow-mo mode. In this mode, different presses of different arrow keys will perform tricks and greatly increase your score. If you press the wrong combinations, you will lose a lot of points and fall. So try this in the newbie mode first!