Operation BlackSquare


  • Version:
  • Size: ~150 MB
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Download: blacksquare.zip



Welcome to Operation BlackSquare.

This is a fast paced, action packed shooter in which you take control of mr. Max Fierros, guiding him through levels of violence and more while trying to stay alive.

Short backstory:

You've been rung out of bed one night by one of your team mates. Apparently, a secret terrorisation group has taken over one of the research buildings near New York, and plan to blow it up. You jump out of bed, grab your gun and a few grenades, and head off. As you parachute from the helicopter, you lose your radio, laeving you without contact to your team. You land and quickly examine the area around you. The building was soon found, and you tried to sneak in unseen...

How it works:

There are 4 directions you can move in the game. Up, down, left and right. Press the corresponding arrow key to do that. Everytime you press an arrow key, you turn in that direction. So, say you have been pressing left for a while and then switch to the up arrow key, you'll hear a whoosh sound in the center. This indicates that you've successfully turned up, or north. This is essential to know when firing your weapons or throwing grenades, as you only throw in the direction you're turned to. To fire your gun, press the control key, and to throw a grenade, press the shift key. After shooting a while, you'll hear a click noise. This means that your gun is out of ammo. Press C, to find out if you have any remaining clips, and R if you do, to reload. You can switch weapons by using the number row. 1 is your default shotgun, and 2 is a machine gun which can be picked up on the map. Note that when pressing R, the ammo will be loaded into the gun currently selected.

There are different sound sources on the map. While some of those are there for ambience effects, the ones in the middle of the map can be picked up by walking over them. You can pick up one of the following items: Health packs: Press Z to find out how many you have, and X to use one. Should you run low on health, use one of them to restore your health back to full. Ammo: This is one clip. Press C to find out how many you have. R to use one on the currently selected weapon. Machine Gun: Only found in first level of Mission mode, this is an alternative weapon to use to the shotgun. There are 2 in the first level, and a silenced handgun on level 2. When playing in Survival mode, those can be picked up too.

Grenades: Indicated by a rolling sound, this is one grenade. Press G to find out how many you have, shift to throw one in the direction you're facing.

Key Overview:

  • A: Find out ammo remaining in the currently selected weapon.
  • D: Duck (Used to avoid getting shot)
  • H: Health
  • 1,2,3,4,5,6: Switch weapons
  • Control: Fire weapon
  • Shift: Throw grenade
  • Up, Down, Left, Right: Move in that direction.
  • Z: Health packs remaining.
  • X: Use Healthpack.
  • C: Clips remaining
  • R: Use Clip
  • L: Use scope: This will increase your sight.
  • Delete: The ultimate key of doom.


Each gun works the same way. When control is pressed, it will fire a bullet in the direction you're facing. When your hands are selected, you punch in the direction you're facing.


When pressed, you throw it about 10 squares away from you. Note that an enemy must be close to it to get hurt, otherwise he might not, or just get hurt slightly.


Hold D to duck. This avoids bullets fired by the enemies.


When holding L, you can hear everything as it was close by. This gives you a better overview, and can also help with planning your next move.