Music is part of all of our lives, and that's a fact. Today, there's no way you can avoid it for long amounts of time. but some of us, like me, like to dive head first into the deep, mystical waves of sonic impression, trying to sculpture them to best represent our feelings and emotions.

I started by playing the keyboard, drums and guitar, but quickly figured out how to make music with computers. This is where I am now.


I love electronic music.


I think there's something about electronic music that gives is an edge for me. The shere amount of different sounds you can get from a synthesizer. The ways you can manipulate even the very last bit, as subtile as it may be, to fit your mood. The vast amounts of noises, musically or otherwise, you can put in a track is just amazing to me. And computers make this so much easier.

I can't quite say why it is electronic music that has me so firmly in it's hold, but what I can say that it's not the only form of music I make. It is, however, the primary form of expression I choose when starting a new song and what I feel most comfortable with.

Where is it?

I can be found on these platforms: