March Massacre



March Massacre is a simple space invader I coded as an april fools joke. It tells a silly story, and the main goal is to center the ships in your stereo field and shoot them down.


Simply run mm.exe.


Use up and down arrow keys to navigate through the menu and enter to select the option spoken.

Story dialog

When starting the game, it will start to speak the story. To advance through the story line by line press enter. To skip story parts press escape.


Use left and right arrows to move left and right. Center the ships that come at you and press control to fire.

The longer you hold control, the more powerful your laser will fire.

To find out how many ships landed, press l.

To check your health, press h.

To control the volume of the music, use page up and down.


There are several types of ships in the game. The kind you encounter first will not attack you and come straight down. Simply shoot them.

The further you advance through the levels, the more complex the ships will get. There are ships that will move left and right out of your way, ships that will randomly disappear and appear somewhere else, and ships that will start to shoot at you. Try to make it as long as you can without dying!