• Version: 0.3
  • Size: ~70MB
  • Operating System: Mac, Linux, Windows
  • Download:


Take to the streets in this action-packed, high-speed bike racing game utilizing stunning binaural audio and realistic sound effects. Avoid cars that come at you from all sides, grab coins for maximum gain and fly through the air with the help of ramps to gain that ultimate score boost!

Cyclepath is one of the first audio only games developed with modern technologies, enabling it to run entirely in your browser on a lot of devices that support the new web API's like webaudio, accelerometer and gyroscope. Put on your headphones and emerse yourself in the adrenaline rushing world of bike racing!


  • Realistic sound effects
  • Binaural audio for virtual surround sound
  • Over 13 bikes
  • 5 worlds
  • Achievements
  • Runs on mobile, and any desktop operating system
  • Hours and hours of fun!

Getting started

When you first start out, a lot of the extra features like different bikes and worlds have to be unlocked. A lot of items can also be unlocked from the shop, which you unlock after passing 25 cars.

Note for screen reader users

Since this game was built on web technology, you have to enable your screen readers browser mode to press keys. As far as I'm aware, JFW still intercepts all keys and does not pass them to the operating system properly, which means you have to put it to sleep. This is a hastle and I would recommend simply grabbing the free screen reader to play this game, or attempting to play it using web tts.

Key Overview

The following keys are used in the game

  • Up, Down, Left, Right, Enter: Can be used in the menu to navigate. The menu are normal HTML controls, so you may use whatever you prefer.
  • Left and Right: Steer left and right.
  • Space: Start accelerating
  • Q: End a game in progress