About Me


I am Talon.

And I love music, tech, and everything in between.

personal info

I was born in Germany. From an early age, music and technology took hold of my life, eventually to merge and form me into who I am today.

What do I do

I love making music. I started playing the keyboard at an early age, and could never stop. My parents noticed this and signed me up for lessons.

Eventually, my love for music grew beyond the keys. I started taking lessons for drums and guitar. Those didn't last too long, but they played an essential part and shaped my musical interest.

At the same time I started getting into computers. It was fascinating to me that I could press buttons and things happened.

Only one problem. I was born with Lebers congenital amerosis. This means that my eyes never fully worked. The best way to describe it is that I can see light and shadows. It's more than simple light perception as I can still see forms and shapes, but not enough that I could distinguish color or read text. To aid in this, my parents set me up with a screen reading software that figured out where the focus was on the computer, and read it out using synthetic text to speech.

Computers have since shaped a lot of my life. Not long after I started scripting and programming my first little applications.

Seeing my brother play games on his computer and playstation I wondered if there wasn't anything I could do. Fortunately, I came across audio games. Games that are primarily played by sound. If you want to know more, expand the audio games section in the menu, and click the appropriate link.

Making music with computers also started getting easier and easier, and I wanted part of the fun. Sadly, it wasn't as easy. Lots of different accessibility issues with most production software, meaning the screen reader didn't read some controls, or most of the time, none at all. But I eventually found my pick.

Right, but what do you do now?

All of what I do is on this website. My music, my games, my apps, and everything else that I do that I can share.

If you want to know more, simply dig around or read my blog. I'll see you around! <3